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Formula 1 style LiveTiming for rFactor to watch your own race or someone else's race over a lan or the internet.

LiveTiming for rFactor

Now rTiming is here as an addition to your virtual pitwall so you can have realtime race results on a second monitor or pc.

rTiming is made to be run on a networked computer. If used on the same system as rFactor there will be a noticable performance loss.
In fact, i do not recommend running it on the same system with rFactor.

Main features:

  • Ability to run Fullscreen
  • Track name
  • Lap distance in kilometers and miles
  • Track temperatures in celcius and fahrenheit
  • Ambient temperatures in celcius and fahrenheit
  • Current session
  • Lap counter which also turns yellow under yellow flags
  • 3 yellow flags who light up when needed
  • Safety car sign and SC status messages
  • Driver names and their positions
  • Amount of laps a driver completed
  • Driver status (pitstop, accident, dnf)
  • Best sector 1, 2 and best lap
  • Last sector 1, 2 and last lap
  • Gap to leader (race only)

Here's an example of a safety car situation:

rTiming rTiming rTiming rTiming rTiming
rTiming rTiming rTiming rTiming rTiming
The safetycar messages will update you about when the pitlane closes and when the safety car will be on it's final lap and the pit lane opens up so you can make a pitstop if needed.

The yellow flags will inform you about which sector(s) you can expect an accident to have happened. And offcourse which sectors are save to go full throttle.


  • Will only show up to 20 drivers
  • Can be unstable with wireless (WiFi) connections

See who's making a pitstop and what your gap is to the leader.

Watch someone else's race over the internet.

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