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rDisplay for rFactor: MoTeC style

V2 is released, more details will folow.

Simracing fans will certainly know the MoTeC dashboard used in many rFactor mods and also in GTR and GTR2.

Now you can have your very own MoTeC style display in front of you just like in a real racecar.
Use any type of screen, as long as you can connect it to your pc.

7 or 8 Inch monitors are perfect!


Audio a bit out of sync
Video quality is lower than real life.

Motorsport Telemetry

  • Speed
  • RPM (as moving bar)
  • Oil temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Last laptime
  • Fuel
  • Session status
  • Position

rDisplay is what started The Pitwall Project.
At first it was a very simple, performance eating program. By now it has evolved into a true TCP/IP client-server application, optimised for speed and performance.

You can run it on one pc, but it will eat a little performance. You could experience a little lag if your system is a bit older.
Just attach a second monitor to your rig and you're ready to go.

But… rDisplay is made to be used in a networked environment.
Best performance is achieved when you use a second pc or laptop for rDisplay.

TIP: Use a second pc with multiple vga outputs. There are pci vga cards and most pcie mainboards have the ability to house two pcie cards. Use cheap cards with a minimum of two vga outputs and you’ll have a relatively low cost solution with 2, 4 or even more monitor outputs.

Racing Specs

  • Ability to run Full Screen
  • Use on localhost, LAN and Internet
  • Listens on UDP port (17999 by default) for instructions from plugin
  • Auto re-connects to rFactor when starts or restarts
  • Connects to rFactor’s Pitwall plugin on TCP port (17999 by default)
  • Configurable TCP and UDP ports in .ini file
  • Configurable datarate at which to send data to rDisplay in .ini file


  • Computer with second monitor or ->
  • Second computer with network card and at least one monitor
  • Working install of rFactor
  • Network hub or switch when used over the LAN
  • Working internet connection during use of rDisplay
  • Pitwall Plugin (comes free with rDisplay)
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