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The Plugin for rFactor

The plugin is what feeds the telemetry and scoring data to the display clients.
It opens up a configurable TCP port and starts to listen for incoming clients.

The full version also send out a reset signal to displays who are already running on the *LAN.
No need to manually alt-tab -> reconnect all displays -> back to rFactor.

*LAN: Must be on the same ip range. Like 192.168.0.xxx

The full version plugin is available for free when you purchase one of the displays.

Download DemoGet Full Version

Data available in the plugin is based on ISI's Plugin SDK but.... I have also added some more features:)


See the Full list of available data

There is also the posibility for a custom build piece. Wheter you simply need your own format outputted or a plugin that you want to distribute you can contact me here.

Currently there's a motion platform under development which is fed by data from the Pitwall's Plugin.