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Pitwall Engineer is released!


rDisplay Mobile says Hello World! - June 19, 2012

I've switched to Adobe AIR and now it's possible to publish for mobile devices as well as Mac's.

At the moment I can publish for Windows PC's, Android Phones, iPod Touch/iPhone, and the iPad.
Android Tablets and Mac will have to wait untill I get my hands on some hardware. Hardware donations are welcome!

There is no release date so stay tuned!

Available now!

rDisplay v2

New features:

  • Multiple pages (brake & tire temps, wear, pressure)
  • Use wheel/joystick to move pages and toggle backlight

Plugin v2

The new plugin consists out of two parts:
1). The pitwall service
2). A GUI

The GUI will enable you to set up your wheel/joystick buttons for use with your displays and sim (rFactor).
The service runs in the background, taking no cpu resources.

New features:

  • Use wheel/joystick buttons as input
  • Adjust front wing angle in 2009 F1 cars from your wheel/joystick
  • Race-style headlight flasher (Le mans)
  • Send "reconnect" message to all displays at once

The new plugin will support iRacing and Simbin titles in the near future. But not all the displays and functionality will be available for the titles other than rFactor.

Stay tuned!



rDisplay rTiming Engineer ButtonBox StartLights
MoTeC rTiming Engineer ButtonBox StartLights
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View Engineer
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-in development-
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The Pitwall Engineer is pre-released!

I have released the Pitwall Engineer software for all those who can't wait. With pre-release i mean that there are some more features i have planned and the looks can improve too.
[check it out]

rTiming is now released!

Fullscreen LiveTiming is now available for all you rFactor simracers.

Stay posted on who's making pitstops and how fast you are compared to other racers.
Or have your friends watch your race from anywhere in the world.
[check it out]

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